Hunting And Going Big – Really Big

Should you buy a large caliber hunting rifle? Shooting the .416 Remington is no easy feat!

Cartridge Clash – .270 Win Vs 6.5 Greedmoor

Two seemingly comparative cartridges with some significant performance differences. So which is the better cartridge? It depends…

Sniping Rabbits – Children And Hunting

A story of three boys and their adventure outing hunting rabbits “sniper style”. The tracking, hunting, equipment, techniques and kills.

Hunting Non-Exportable African Lions – The New Norm?

Recent restrictions placed on importing sport hunted African lions into the US have made African lion hunting much more affordable to the average hunter. Prices have dropped to a point where the cost of a male lion hunt rivals that of a basic plains game hunt. For those that wish to hunt Africa’s greatest trophy, there will probably never be a better time than now.

How to Manage Deer on Property You Own

When it is done correctly, deer property management is a viable solution to keep your land thriving and to reduce populations that could result in serious problems. It is important to understand the laws where you reside before you take any action. Even with the best of intentions, you need to go about the process the right way or you could make the situation worse.

Implementing a Successful Plan to Balance the Deer Population

Too many deer in any given area can be a risk to their overall survival. They can ruin the habitat where they feed by eating the grass down to the bare roots. This is going to make it almost impossible for anything to grow back. A successful deer management plan provides them with a great place to thrive.

Hunting Is a Wonderful Form of Conservation

Not everyone is a fan of hunting, but those who understand it enjoy it or they are accepting of it. A habitat management company allows animals to live in a great environment where they have access to food and shelter. They also scout the area so they can offer great hunting opportunities to those who pay to use the land.

Getting the Most From Your Hunting Experience

Going deer hunting can be a great way to get back to nature. It involves planning, safety, and being steady under pressure. This is a great way to have some delicious meat and also to contribute to helping keep the balance with this population of animals. Not all experiences at the same though and you want to get the most out of your adventure.

Enhance the Outcome of Your Deer Hunting Experience

You want the odds to be in your favor when you are out there involved with whitetail hunts. These deer are very fast and alert. However, hunting helps to reduce the risk of overpopulation and ruining their habitat. It can be complex to plan your strategy and get the one you have your target on. You have to be creative and you have to be patient!

Learn How To Shoot Clay Targets Accurately

Follow some easy tips on how to shoot clay targets. Skeet shooting and trap shooting is now a professional sport practiced around the world.

5 Things to Consider When Buying a Turkey Call

Turkey hunting is something you may want to do again and again. Since there are a lot of hunters out there, you need to learn new hunting techniques in order to set yourself apart. One way to make sure you stay ahead of your competitors is to buy the best turkey call, which will allow you to attract the birds more easily. As a matter of fact, these are best tools that should be in your backpack. Here are a few things that you should consider prior to buying a turkey call.

Basic Gun Types – Brief Definitions of Civilian Ordinance Types

This article is meant to be a 5-minute explanation of legal gun types currently available to citizens of the United States. I hope to provide a basic understanding for those new or just interested in the definitions of basic gun types.

5 Gun Myths – Disspelling Popular Gun Myths

There are many popular myths about guns. In this article, I hope to dispel the top 5 myths I hear all the time.


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