Antelope Hunting 101: Our Guides’ Number 1 Tips

Antelope hunting in open country can present a significant challenge to western big game hunters. We recently sat down with some of our guides, and here are the tips they offered.

Layering for Your Western Big Game Hunt

We receive many questions about clothing to bring on a hunting trip for elk, mule deer or antelope. Hunters must be prepared for a wide range of conditions from hot freezing cold and wet.

Outfitter Tips: Storing Your Hunting Gear for the Winter

Another hunting season has passed. While we were busy closing up our camps, we thought we’d share some tips that will help your gear last longer.

Wyoming’s Greys River: A Sportsman’s Paradise

The Greys River in western Wyoming is a place of legend for hunters across the globe, and is without a doubt, the state’s mule deer hunting capitol. Home to mule deer, elk, black bears and more, this rugged country is home to healthy wildlife populations.

Barrett MRAD and Barrett BORS: How Are These Helpful?

Barrett manufactures firearms for precision target shooters, police sniper and military sniper. Thus, for taking long shots, the Barrett rifles are perfect. And these professionals take a lot of factor into consideration whilst buying a rifle.

Hunting Call Devices: Advantages For The Novice Or Seasoned Hunter

Effective hunting entails the use of knowledge concerning hunting calls, along with the implementation of other skills and/or devices. These skills may be natural or acquired inner gifts.

Leupold VX Scopes: What Is the Difference?

Leupold & Stevens – the top US manufacturer of rifle scopes offers a great variety of VX models these days. There are VX-1, VX-2, VX-3, VX-3L, VX-6 and VX-R models of this wide series. It is pretty obvious how VX-3L, VX-6 and VX-R differentiate from the other scopes. However it is not an easy task to find the difference between VX-1, VX-2 and VX-3 series at a glance. To understand how these rifle scopes series differentiate from each other we first have to go 55 years back and follow the evolution of Vari-X series.

8 Different Types of Knife Blades and Their Uses

Need a hunting knife but don’t know which one is right for you? Buying a new blade can seem difficult with all of the different knife variations on the market. The decision process involves answering questions such as: “what type of knife should I buy? What are the different applications of all of the different blade designs, etc?” In this article, I hope to make the purchasing process simpler by describing some of the most common blade designs and their practical uses, for hunting knives on today’s market.

Why Would You Use Red Dot Sights for Deer Hunting?

Red dot sights are applicable for long range shootings. They are perfect products that can be used as a replacement to the traditional iron sights. As far as its mechanism is concerned, a piece of glass or plastic with a small red dot is attached to the firearm that is placed in the center.

Moving Backward In Time – History of Hunting

We all know that since time immemorial hunting has been an important activity in the survival of human race. Can you think of facing a raging beast without your rifles, scopes and the rest of the hunting gear? We desperately search for the best hunting devices to make our expedition a successful one.

Rocky Mountain Trophy Bull Elk Archery Hunting

Forget Rocky Mountain oysters. The real “jewels” for meat and sport are Rocky Mountain Bull Elk-especially when they’re earned via archery hunting. In 2008, the largest elk harvested in the world was brought down with a rifle in Utah. That only means one thing: Isn’t it time an archer took down a massive animal like the Spider Elk?

Why Shop Online For Sports Optics?

Are you looking for spotting scopes from Swarovski optics or a pair of Zeiss rifle scopes? And how do you plan to buy such devices? As far as options are concerned there are many. There are several commercial shops where you can drop in to buy such equipments.

5 Things to Consider When Buying a Spotting Scope

A spotting scope is a must-have piece of equipment for activities like long-distance nature study and bird watching, surveillance, beginner’s astronomy, scenic observing and telephotography. Similar to binoculars, it is crucial to consider the different design and optical standards. Scopes are perfect for viewing distant objects like birds that cannot be admired as well with a standard pair of binoculars. Binoculars are more effective for close-up situations.