Top 10 Best Single Stack 9mm Pistols for Concealed Carry

Top 10 Best Single Stack 9mm Pistols for Concealed Carry

Information On Rifle Scope Reticles That You Need To Know

Reticle is one of the most imperative things in a rifle scope. The avid shooters will know that how these reticles make an impact on your performances. If you are a beginner then it is all the more important for you to gather information required to judge a rifle scope reticle while. For instance, my first scope was Benchrest rifle scopes from Nightforce.

Why Scopes Are Of Cardinal Significance For Hunters And Shooters

The practice of hunting and shooting is often associated with ruthlessness but in reality it goes much beyond that. It is one of the most intriguing sports and fascinating activities to boot. And the entire process is incomplete without a proper scope.

Binocular Selection Guide

Selecting the right pair of binoculars requires many considerations to get the best performance for your needs. Know what is important for you.

Compound Bow Hunting Tips: How to Arrow Your Next Buck

What is the biggest contributor to a shooters success? There are so many different scenarios that you could potentially be placed in, so the answer to that is tricky. The one thing that will never hurt your chances is practice. You need to practice enough, so that when the time comes, the shot will seem like a piece of cake. If you practice diligently and follow a few other tips, there is no reason why you shouldn’t arrow a buck this hunting season.

Late Season Goose Tactics

The late season Canadian Geese you encounter are going to act differently from the geese you hunted in the early fall. The geese that are left out there have been shot at since leaving Canada, have heard all kinds of calling, seen all kinds of decoy spreads, and are just plain stressed out to say the least.

Poorly Trained Dog

I received a call from a guy in Northern Kansas this last week. He was a disgruntled dog owner with a pup he had sent to a trainer that promised him a completely trained retriever when it returned home. What he received back was a 26 week old pup with problems, serious problems. Seems he gave the trainer $2,000.00 up front to completely train his dog, and received a yard broke pup at best with no retriever training and on top of that the dog was semi-gun-shy.

Tips For Hunting Elk For Novice Hunters

Hunting elk can be fun, challenging, and rewarding, with the prize being a popular meat that even those unfamiliar with the taste of game enjoy. Using a bow and arrow or a rifle, you can bring down one of these massive animals even as a novice. What is important is that you use the best weapon and learn the habits of elk so your hunting experience will be successful. As a hunter new to elk hunting, how do you prepare yourself?

Selecting a Night Vision Rifle Scope: Things to Consider

Confused about what to look for in a Night Vision Scope? This article helps to simplify the process. We help you understand important aspects to look for when purchasing a night scope and why.

Race Guns Vs “Regular” Guns

Think that competition shooters only win because they have better guns? Think again! Even the most expensive, “trick”, competition-only equipment gives a slight edge. Better shooters win because they are more skilled and here are the numbers to prove it.

Top 5 Crossbows of 2014

As a hunter in today’s world, it can be very grueling to find the best hunting crossbow for the money, until now. We are going to take you through the Top 5 Crossbows of 2014, including the best crossbows for the money, the pros and cons of each, and why you should invest in one.

Use This Simple Guide When Purchasing Your Crossbow Arrows

Looking for arrows can be a confusing experience. There is so much jargon out there that you could easily get confused. Understanding what they mean will keep you a step ahead of the competition.

Tactical Vest Are Functional And Stylish

Tactical Vests are very advantageous for army men. With the introduction of new gadgets like GPS devices and rangefinders, they need more pockets and straps, etc to store and arrange them safely. These highly functional vests are just what they need.

Why Buying Tactical Gear Is Important

Tactical gear is worn for protection by the armed forces, especially during tough situations. It can be anything ranging from elbow pads, knee pads, eyewear and tactical vest to belt, knives, sling, holsters, combat boots and more.