Nightforce Velocity Reticle: Rendering Precision at Ease

The Nightforce velocity reticle can be well considered as a tailor-made solution to achieve long range shooting employing fast and precise means. The Nightforce Velocity has been designed in accordance with the load and the ballistic profile of the rifle taking several elements in account such as the weight of the bullet, velocity of the muzzle, ballistic coefficient and many more.

Best Rifle Scope Brands for the Money Asked: Comprehensive Review

Once in a while I review different ratings of rifle scope brands and usually see some information that isn’t exactly accurate. Because most of the companies offer different levels of quality within their models it is almost impossible to find out best brands just by products quality. It can vary inside of one brand. Such type of segmentation makes sense, but often complicates the situation for consumers. Many of them do not even know how the quality of the rifle scopes can differ between two product lines of the same manufacturer (brand). In this article we will find out best rifle scope brands (note that I say brand vs. manufacturer, because one manufacturer can own a few brands) using following subjective criteria: quality, technical innovations, money asked, products variety, marketing and customer service. Lets find out which brands are the best in this comprehensive review of 36 brands.

Different Kinds of Hunting Dogs

Not only are dogs man’s best friends but they also make awesome hunting partners. Dogs had assisted human beings since times immemorial. In the ancient times, the Egyptians used greyhounds to track down gazelles. From dachshunds to vizslas, a lot of dogs are used by hunters across the world. There are various breeds of hunting dogs that the hunters prefer.

Types of Schmidt and Bender Scopes

Schmidt & Bender is a German company that is known for its high quality optical glasses. It is one of those rare companies that do not manufacture various kinds of optical devices. It, rather, specializes in manufacturing riflescopes.

Best Rifle Scope for You: How to Choose the Right One

Rifle scopes are very complex optical instruments. It is hard to find two similar scopes but finding two identical scopes is harder. Despite the fact that the exterior can be completely or almost identical, they may still differ from each other. In addition, the price on the rifle scopes with same characteristics and similar appearance may vary 10-20 times! So what is the difference? In this article we will go trough most important futures of the rifle scopes, help you to understand them and choose the scope for your needs.

Basic Information About Big Game Hunting and Deer Hunting

What exactly is big game hunting? When did humans start to indulge in this? How do humans hunt big game? Is deer hunting considered part of big game hunting? Big game hunting is essentially, as the term implies the hunting of huge game. The type of big game that used to be associated with such a term were those that were found in Africa, and this included elephants, lions, buffalo, rhinos and leopards. These animals are now on the endangered species list and are protected from hunters by law however, other big game, like deer, antelope and moose, are still on the list of targets that hunters can legally go after.

Evolution Of the Short Dot Scopes

Short Dot scopes came into being as a requirement for a low power milspec variable optic. This happened in 1993. The problem in Somalia mounted and the rogues were mixing with the civilians to get an idea about the whereabouts of US forces within the city.

Quick Glance At The History of Rifle Scopes

In the 17th century the rifle scopes were first launched to provide proper aiming aid to the hunters. Later people had experimented with various kinds of optical devices to enhance shooting abilities. People who are long range hunters, scopes are a necessity for them.

Exciting Gun Fight Hours With Airsoft Weapons

Creating a false war scene with airsoft products can provide you with hours of entertainment, especially for people interested in airsoft guns. Airsoft pistols are the right choices for staging such a war scene. Gorilla Surplus is the place where all sorts of pistols are available varying from inexpensive to expensive models. Gas, electric as well as spring operated pistols are available here.

Proper Way To Zero Your Rifle Scopes

Zeroing a rifle scope is quite important. Buying and fitting the scopes are not enough to get that perfect shot. This happens with every gadget, every machine. Setting up isn’t good enough.

Future Rifle Scope Technology That’s Here Today

The next generation in scope targeting technology will see a revolutionary re-tooling driven by innovation. The size of a rifle scope, the location it is optimally placed on the gun, the way users position it in front of their eye for targeting, and its visual sensory field of view capabilities are all ready to leap frog ahead at affordable prices.

Most Affordable Crossbow on the Market

Crossbows are continuing to become a standard product among hunters and target shooters. They provide something different from the traditional hunting and target items such as a rifle and compound bow.

Getting To the Heart of Zeiss Rifle Scopes

When it comes to hunting, nothing beats a rifleman with his rifle and one of Zeiss rifle scopes. The Zeiss brand has come to be known for its range of fine optics that simplify the way you view and hunt game in any terrain and weather conditions during the day or at night. Zeiss scopes have a proven high level of reliability and present hunters with one of the easiest rifle scopes to use on the market.