The Best SURVIVAL Watch : Garmin Tactical Instinct

The Best SURVIVAL Watch : Garmin Tactical Instinct

Going Deer Hunting – 7 Most Important Things You Must Have

This is because there are numerous hunting equipment and techniques that are important for a successful Deer hunting experience. Some of the important things needed to go Deer hunting are either expensive, difficult to use or cumbersome. Subsequently, I have listed some of the important hunting gears needed to make one a successful deer hunter.

5 Easy Hunting Techniques That Will Make You Look Like a Pro

Hunting is a beautiful sport, but it can become a most valuable skill in a survival situation. So, to make sure you’ll manage to gather some food with rudimentary tools, it’s best to continue improving your technique. Below I listed five techniques that are helpful for both beginner and advanced hunters so take a look and start your training today!

Pistol Hunting Pigs With Barnes Bullets

If you have sat around a campfire and talked about hunting once or a hundred times the subject of a Texas pig hunt has come up. You also probably heard the fantastic and the fails of seeking and destroying this land ravaging tyrant. They are a quick and elusive animal and it is really only when the setting is just right, at least for me, that these porkers are put down. I have shot many pigs on Texas ranches including my own backyard. I have used various rifles of all calibers as well as bows. However, the one thing I have not used was a pistol. Therefore, my quest began

10 Best Hunting Tips for Beginners

Hunting can be a great source of fun and adventure but one that can go bad just by the simplest of mistakes. So, whether you are a pro or a rookie there are a set of guidelines or rules that must be followed if you want to have a seamless experience.

Essential Survival Gear For Elk Hunting

Anyone who has ever hunted for elk knows how challenging, frustrating, physically demanding and even painful it can be. None the less, elk hunting can be very addictive. One can easily become obsessed to the point he or she is so focused on the hunt they may not realize how far they have gone, what time it is, and not exactly sure where they are. Here we are going to discuss how these and other factors may come together to be detrimental to your survival, and the gear you should have on you at all times to ensure you survive your hunt.

Blind Luck

From September to January my mornings are occupied with one thing. It is an addiction that grows stronger every year, but every year I grow as a stronger man and share the enriching experience with friends and family. Ever since the age of ten my life has revolved around duck hunting and here are a few things needed in order to start your journey to a never ending love for the outdoors.

Tips for Elk Hunting

Elk hunting is every hunters dream to be able to go out and shoot a monster bull. Some hunters have the luck of doing it every year but for the ones that have that one life time chance to go elk hunting, here are a few tips that will help you on your hunt, even if you are going to be using a guide at least you will have the heads up a little bit.

Rifle Zeroing

In this article, I will give you step by step instructions on how to zero a rifle as well as personal experiences on how I zeroed my Browning XBolt Medallion Maple 30-06. First thing you need to do is install the scope onto the rifle. To do this you should first mount the base and rings on the scope.

Early Season Bow Hunting For Whitetail Deer

Setting yourself up to get a shot at the whitetail buck of a lifetime with your bow starts long before the season even begins. Early archery season can be rewarding as long as you understand the basic patterns that deer tend to follow.

Hunting As A Hobby: For The Seekers Of Adventure

A hobby is defined as an activity you do for leisure which gives you pleasure. People around the world have different types of hobbies in which they invest a great amount of time and money. It could be as simple as reading books or bizarre as faking one’s own death (true story!

How to Clean a Spotting Scope

To maintain top performance, you should ensure that your scope is always clean. You can imagine the dirt your scope accumulates while you are out there in the woods. The dust, fog, rainwater and among other impurities that make your lenses, barrel and the scope body dirty. Obviously, dirty lenses with make your images look dull and of low quality.

Advantages of a Guided Goose Hunt

Goose hunting is the most challenging passion for the waterfowl hunters. The geese are sensitive which is pretty tricky for the hunters to make the perfect shot. If you are planning a hunting trip and you need a voice of experienced that guide you to your trip and make it more entertaining, successful and safe. For this concern, you should consider the service guided goose hunting.

An Amazing Gun to Consider

If you are looking into getting a gun, you should explore the option of Krieghoff Parcours. It has many features that are both traditional and modern all mixed into one. You can’t go wrong with a well-made gun that also has some amazing detail on the design. It is beautiful as well as fully functional. It is also flexible as it can be used for target shooting and hunting.