I’M sure you’re thinking to yourself how is luke going to stay warm tonight i mentioned before that survival is not fun so tonight it’s not going to be fun at no point in time. Am i going to be warm, but i will keep my body temperature up to the point where i can make it through the night.

Let’S get straight to the point. This is a survival episode and right now, i’m in a survival situation. Last week i put up part one of the fjallraven winsack survival series. This is part two. Last week i took the windsack out into the wild and i pretty much pushed it to its limits.

I learned everything that i need to learn about that product so that i can use it safely in a survival emergency situation. I learned its pros its cons, it strengths its weaknesses and with that information, i’m ready to use it in a survival situation over the years.

Folks, i have presented you all with numerous survival situations: emergency situations where i’ve gone out and i’ve taken emergency products, and i’ve shown you why they’re good and also bad i’ve done this with a wide range of products, super shelters, emergency, mylar, blankets, emergency tarps and so On for this episode, i’m using a product from pyal raven – and that is the winsac 3.

. The woodsack 3 is a very interesting product. It is designed to keep you out of the snow block wind and to keep you dry. It can be set up as a shelter as a tarp or you can get inside of it like a sack.

If you saw part one of this series, you know already, this product has problems. If you haven’t i’ll go over those details in just a little bit before i do, let’s focus on the scenario that i found myself in so the setup is this: i went out for a day hike and for whatever reason i cannot make it to my vehicle.

Maybe i sprung my foot, maybe i got lost. Ultimately, the reasoning doesn’t really matter that much because there’s a million different things that can go into play as to why you didn’t make it back to your vehicle.

So as it stands right now, it is almost 4 30 the sun’s going down it’s chilly. It is 30 degrees, fahrenheit right now, there’s snow on the ground and there’s quite a bit of ice as well with it being cold and snowy and icy.

It’S the conditions later on tonight that are even more dangerous. The temps are going to fall to roughly 18 degrees fahrenheit. The winds are going to pick up to about 50 miles an hour and, lastly, snow is on the way.

Those are the conditions that we’re facing in this episode. The loadout for this trip is very simple. It’S basically what you would carry if you were to go out on a day hike. I have a liter of water, a stove.

I have my first aid kit. I have the windsack, of course i brought a chair with me, so i could stop and have lunch, which i already have that was hours ago and for the most part, that’s it speaking of which i am roughly 10 miles from my vehicle and making it back To it tonight is not an option.

Just like i’ve shown you all before. This is a real situation. This is not dual survival. This isn’t fake. This isn’t bear grylls, i’m not staying at a resort tonight. This isn’t youtube either. I’M not going to show you some cute fake shelter build out here that takes days to build that someone’s pretending to build in a few hours.

None of that stuff is real. None of that stuff is grounded in reality. One simply does not go out into the woods and build a survival shelter in 30 minutes. It simply does not happen. Don’T believe me, go try, you’ll, write back and say: hey luke, you’re right.

I know up until this point. Everything has sounded serious and that’s because it is, this is a real survival situation that i’m putting myself into, so i could show you all how to make it through the night so that you could do the same.

The most important thing is folks is that you have to plan for emergency situations like this. I’Ve mentioned this over and over and over again, you have to have a way to set up an emergency shelter. It doesn’t matter if you’re going out for a day hike or even a backpacking trip.

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail, and it’s that simple check that out beautiful sunset. The sun is going down and it is getting windy and i have to admit i’m looking forward to this trip.

I have spent my life going out into situations like this with minimal gear and for me, it’s fun, but the truth is this: if you are in a true emergency situation, it’s not fun. It’S stressful, it’s scary, but this is the thing if you know what you’re doing you can handle the situation and you will survive by the way talking about my gear for a second, i will show you all what i’m carrying with me for this trip later on.

I’Ll go over everything. The loadout is pretty much the same as part one. The only difference is that i have some warmer clothes and that’s because it is substantially colder this time around, i don’t have a sleeping bag.

I don’t have a blanket nothing like that. Again. This is based in reality. Most people do not go day, hiking with a sleeping bag or a blanket, even though it would be an incredible resource. It’S not realistic.

I made my way over to the southern side of this mountain there’s less snow here and that’s because it gets more sunlight, but as i’m going around, the winds are picking up. The winds are picking up substantially, so i’m going to get this out.

This is my rain jacket, my shell, since there’s a chance of snow. I have that with me today. This makes an incredible wind block and at the same time it holds in some heat. You will have to be careful, though, because, as you move around all that heat you’re beginning to sweat, it will form on the inside of this material, and it doesn’t matter if it’s the most expensive, gore-tex jacket of all time.

Breathability for any shell is not 100. So you get hot enough if you’re sweating condensation will form on this, and it will also form on your clothes. You don’t want that even being damp can kill you in a situation like this when it comes to potential survival, emergency situations oftentimes, they take place right here right on the trail, most people who become lost, who don’t make it back to their vehicle in time? They’Re not way off course into the woods somewhere they’re on the trail.

Maybe it got later than they expected their headlamp ran out of power. I mean there’s a million different reasons, there’s a million different possibilities and that’s the situation that i find myself in right now.

I can’t make it back to my vehicle, i’m not going home tonight and it’s almost dark. It really is interesting. How the mind works. Your subconscious knows that something’s wrong before you’re really willing to accept it.

Yeah, it’s getting late, but you’re being positive thinking that you’re going to make it back to your vehicle just in time, even though inside of your head that little voice is saying hey you’re in trouble, i can’t begin to tell you how important it is to listen To that voice, the sooner that you pay attention, the better your odds are of survival.

The winds have to be blowing 30 miles an hour on this side of the mountain. Already that sunset, that’s the most incredible thing: i’ve ever seen, that is beautiful, but it is deadly out here. Let’S go, we have to get back into the forest all right so back on trail again, it is just about dark.

Now the camera is lighting. It up. Some, but it’s dark okay, so at this point i realize hey realistically, i’m not making it back to the vehicle tonight, for whatever reason it doesn’t matter. It’S at this point that i realize hey, i’m stuck out in the woods.

I need to make the most of this. I need to do what i need to do to survive so because of that, i am going to look around for a place to set up my shelter someplace, that’s out of the wind, but yet not too far from the trail.

If you’re not familiar with the area that you’re in do not go far, if you have to camp right in the middle of the trail, if you can that’s the best thing to do, don’t go out so far that people can’t find you or you can’t hear Them again, it’s all about being smart.

Look at that sky! Everyone! I tell you it’s beautiful okay, so this is what i’m thinking here. You can see all of these trees. I could set up amongst those. I have plenty of tie-off points and protection.

You can see the rise of the hill that is going to protect me. That’S going to block a lot of the wind. The trail is right over there, so i’m close enough to it. I could hear someone if they came looking for me and whatnot, but that is the spot.

This is the windsack fjallraven winsack3 for this setup. Everyone i’m doing a one pulled knot, i’m not going to waste my time on any fancy knots. I’Ve seen some other youtube channels. Yeah, the knots are pretty they’re cute, but hey it can be absolutely ridiculous.

Sometimes what people will use. I don’t know how well this is coming through, but this is a one pull knot. You pull this. The whole thing comes untied and you’re ready to go yeah. It doesn’t look that pretty, but it’s efficient and that’s what survival is all about.

I have the shelter all set up. It is ready to go. This is as good as i could do with the amount of time that i have realistically, this took maybe 10 minutes to set up that’s realistic in an emergency situation.

You need fast, quick and easy, and that’s what i got here. I have it tied off here and over there. I also created a tie off point here in the center. Now this product did not come with this tie off point i took some cordage put it on the inside, made a ball, and you can see.

I just took a uh slip. Knot went over the top of that and now i have a tie off point. So i have that tied over here to right there. I pretty much did the same thing on the other side staked out down at the bottom.

You can see it’s tied out over here i enter through here, and that is my shelter for the night now that it’s all set up, let’s get inside folks, because it is freezing out here it is so windy. The temperature is also dropping fast, it’s miserable.

Ah, that’s so much better! This is home for the evening. This is what i came up with i’m committed. Let’S do this, okay, so first things. First, i do have a chair with me, so i’m going to set that up.

It is time to get comfortable as comfortable as i can. The most important thing here is that i don’t sleep on the ground as little contact with the ground is important, because the ground is cold. I want to be up off the ground heat rises, so it’s going to be warmer the higher up.

I am let’s get this put together here in a minute folks, i will show you all the thermometer. I did bring a thermometer with me, so i could show you just how cold it is tonight i’ll leave it outside for a bit and then later on tonight, i’ll bring it in here.

So i could show you just how warm it is compared to the outside. Okay, in addition to my gear that i have with me, i have some lanterns and that’s for you all, that’s so you all could see what i’m doing here.

This is not something that i would normally carry with me. Okay, inside of the shelter here, it’s not super warm there’s, no doubt about that, but it’s warmer than outside of the shelter it’s pretty much sealed up down at the bottom, this side’s a little bit higher than the other side, and that’s because i do want some Airflow inside of this otherwise condensation build up on the walls is going to be rather bad.

That is one of the problems with this shelter. Another problem. Unfortunately, it’s not waterproof this product, it leaks the company claims, it will protect you from the wind from the snow from the rain, but it’s not true, it will block snow, it will block wind, but it is not waterproof in the rainstorm, which is part.

One of this series we had water just pouring down the walls, it was uh ridiculous. Really it really was. Let’S go over the gear that i have with me for this trip. This will go very quickly because i don’t have much so i had a chair.

That’S what i’m sitting on, i have a down jacket which i’m going to put on. In addition to that, i have my shell. I also have rain pants, which i will actually put on here in just a minute as well. You can use these shell materials to hold in more heat and because of that both make excellent survival products.

I have the jacket the pants. I have the down jacket. I have a fleece sweater on underneath that, but you can see here then i have a long sleeve shirt on underneath that i have a small cook kit and that’s for the lunch that i had.

I have a spoon, a half full can of gas, a small stove, a washcloth. I have a pot, i have some matches and some instant coffee, one liter of water. Inside of this i have my first aid kit. I have some hand warmers and also a mylar blanket with my previous survival episodes.

I’Ve gone into a lot of information concerning mylar and emergency blankets. They are really good products, but you have to know how to use them and when to use them, they are not. The ultimate solution, using those products all by themselves, is not going to save your life, but it can help you in a survival situation so later on tonight.

I will use that this is where i kept my gloves and my hat. I also have a face mask in here because we are in the mountains on top of a mountain, so i’m gonna tell you what i will go ahead and just put that on too and folks.

That’S it! That’S all that i have for this trip. It’S everything that you would take out with you, typically on a day hike, that’s what i have i’ll go ahead and put on my down jackets, i’m going to get as warm as i can.

I’M definitely chilly, but i’m not freezing and that’s important when it comes to an emergency situation, you’re not going to be super comfortable. This is not a resort. This is not that show dual survival.

I’M sure you all remember that right there was uh cody lundin dave cantyberry that show is complete, garbage complete garbage. It’S really interesting when uh cody lundin got fired from the show, like the show presented him in a way that didn’t look very professional, and so he sued discovery channel.

He ended up losing that case, and this is why the judge said: hey. You were taking part in a show that was completely fictitious. It was not real, you all acted like you, didn’t have food like you, didn’t have water, even though they had catered lunches.

They would spend the night in hotel rooms at resorts. They were filming this right. Next to resorts folks, how funny is that the animals they killed were fake. They were brought in domesticated animals, that’s what they were killing domesticated pigs.

They brought in a rattlesnake, killed it, and so on. Listen to that, the judge said that you can’t be mad about a fake show presenting you in a certain way when you were taking part in that fakeness again.

That show is all about entertainment, it’s not based in reality cody lundin. In my opinion, while he did make some mistakes, he was definitely the most on the level dave canterbury. He was definitely the most entertaining run and gun get it done not very good at survival.

After dave, canterbury was fired because he lied about his military background. They brought joe tedei on there there’s a lot about that. Dude online there’s stories about him, stealing military gear.

He was dishonored by the special forces. I mean there’s just so much out there. I don’t know: what’s real: what’s not uh, there’s stories about him, killing a dog, a domestic dog and that’s why he was fired from the show initially, but then it came out that his military career was all made up or something yeah.

I don’t know who knows after cody lundin left i stopped watching joe tedei was such an idiot. He may have been a trained soldier, but he knew jack about survival just about every single thing. He did i rolled my eyes at and if you had any common sense, you did the same all right.

So i have my rain gear on now, so think of that as an additional blockage of the wind it’s going to hold in heat, it’s going to block drafts, and already i am substantially more comfortable, there’s no doubt about that.

So right there you have it. That’S all the clothing that i have. Let’S see. One thing that i did not mention. I do have some food. I have a couple of snacks. I think it’s like some trail mix and a uh fig newton, something like that i’ll show that later on, but for now really what i need to do is just chill right in an emergency situation, if you are forced to stay out you’re going to be anxious.

You’Re going to be nervous, maybe scared and that’s: okay, that’s completely normal. At the same time, while you’re going through those emotions, stay cool, stay calm, don’t make a decision without thinking about it.

First think about the repercussions of that decision. That’S what i do before. I do anything i think about the repercussions. If i do this, what could happen when it comes to a survival emergency situation? Much of it is going to be doing this.

Nothing, absolutely nothing! You have to be calm, you have to be cool, you don’t be rash and you don’t do things that are foolish. I know that as it gets later, it’s going to get colder, so i’m not going to use my hand warmers now.

Luckily i have two packs. So that means i have four hand warmers. I could put them in with my fingers. I can put them in my boots next to my toes or i could take those – and i could put them close to arteries arteries here in the neck in the arm.

In the groin think of that hand warmer it’s getting warm, you have it next to your artery. What is that doing? It’S warming up the blood. Your heart is pumping it through your body. That is an excellent way to stay warm.

So for myself i will take two hand warmers. I will put those in my boots next to my toes, because your toes will get cold inside of your shoes. It is very cold tonight. I definitely do not want frostbite, so i’m going to take care of those toes with the other two.

I will put them someplace around my body. You have the bronchial artery in the arm, the jugular here, and you also have the radial and the ulnar artery in your wrists. So i’m going to take those hand warmers and i’m going to put them close to those arteries so that my blood’s warming up and it will circulate throughout my body.

Okay, i wanted to get out and show you all the shelter and what it looks like from the outside when it’s all lit up and also to show you the temperature outside. So it’s very simple, a very simple shelter right now it is 30 degrees and the humidity is going up.

That’S because we have snow coming in uh feels good to be back inside of the shelter here. It is so windy out there it’s miserable it’s! A combination of the wind and the humidity i mean 30 degrees, isn’t all that cold, but when you have high humidity like that, i mean it just goes through you right into your bones.

So inside of the shelter substantially warmer, i would say: 10 15 degrees warmer. I’M sure you’re thinking to yourself, luke, is inside of the shelter he’s blocking the wind it’s holding in some heat.

How is luke going to really stay warm tonight because it’s going to get cold roughly 18 degrees, it’s already at 30. High humidity super windy outside that is an excellent question. How am i going to stay warm? Well, i mentioned before that.

Survival is not fun so tonight it’s not going to be fun at no point in time. Am i going to be hot right, but i will keep my body temperature up to the point where i can make it through the night and there’s a number of ways that i can go about doing this.

One is physical activity. I could do squats inside of this there’s not enough space to do push-ups, but i could definitely do squats, so i could do enough squats. I could do enough physical motion movement to warm myself up, and that is super super important.

Something else that i could do is eat. I have a couple of snacks. I can eat those periodically throughout the night and the digestion process that warms you up, as your body is breaking down food. It’S creating heat, it’s releasing energy, so that will help with staying warm.

I have the hand warmers i’ve already talked about that we’ll put those next to my toes and also next to an artery. I also have the mylar blanket which i can wrap around me. If i need to again folks, i’ve done videos about mylar blankets, so check those out, it’s a good product.

It’S not an amazing product, one incredible piece of survival equipment that i have with me is this right here, this bottle of water. This can keep me warm and i’m sure you’re wondering how is that? Well, i have a stove, i have fuel, i have a pot, i can take this.

Put it in that pot, warm it up. Then i can pour it back into this bottle and guess what i can hold on to it. Nothing that i have with me is over the top, nothing that i have with me isn’t something that you wouldn’t typically carry besides these lights.

I guess, but that’s for you all, otherwise you wouldn’t see anything. This is how you would survive in a situation like this. Now you may be thinking to yourself luke. Why don’t you go collect firewood and have a big fire nonsense.

That’S not realistic to collect enough firewood to get you throughout. The night is impossible unless you’re in some sort of dead forest, where there’s just wood everywhere, you’re not going to be able to collect enough firewood to have a fire that goes all night long requires a ton of firewood and it’s simply not realistic to go out There and collect enough also something else to consider about fire is that it’s never a guarantee, never think that you’re going to be able to get a fire going to begin with you’re not guaranteed as far as materials go you’re not guaranteed.

As far as the conditions go plus think of this, i could get a fire going right now. First off the wind is blowing the heat away, but it’s going to go through that material. Just like that, so having a big fire just does not make any sense again when it comes to an emergency situation when it comes to survival, it’s all about common sense.

You have to do what you have to do to survive and that’s why watching those survival shows yeah. You got to be careful, because a lot of that stuff is just nonsensical. It’S entertainment value only. I think that’s one of the biggest points i want to drive home yeah there’s some good information every once in a while on those tv shows and whatnot, but a lot of it is just simple, simple bs, as it is let’s check on the time here.

It is now 7 30. and i’m comfortable enough. I mean again, this is not a resort, i’m not super warm, i’m a little bit chilly, but i’m making it i’m making it i’m right at the point where i need to do some movement, so i’m going to do some squats here.

Let’S do these squats together. Everybody the legs are large muscles, so doing squats is a great way to warm yourself up. I know this looks stupid, but this is survival. Folks, while you’re doing this, you warm yourself up.

You do not sweat. That’S important. You sweat! You die. I haven’t moved to the hand warmers yet still fine, just doing squats and uh eating some trail mix, something very important folks when it comes to a situation like this in the wintertime you have to get off of the ground, you have to get away from that Cold, i have this chair with me and that’s because i was using it with lunch and also it’s an incredible survival tool.

It gets you off of the ground with that same line of thinking, if you’re in a situation like this, if you have a backpack use that backpack put your feet on it, keep your feet off of the ground. That is going to keep your feet much much warmer.

If you sit here with your feet directly on the ground that cold from the ground is going to move up through your shoes to your feet. If you sit on the ground, that cold is going to come up, if you lay on the ground that cold’s going to come up, you could collect leaves you could cut branches.

Only in some situations is that feasible, there’s snow on the ground, everything’s wet, bringing all that in here laying on it not a good idea, cutting branches. Well, i didn’t see any pine trees around here, so i would have to go off looking for pine branches and whatnot.

Luckily, i have this chair. If i didn’t have this chair, i’d be sitting on that backpack. If i could i’ll be standing up i’ll be moving, i will do anything. I have to do to stay off of that cold ground.

All right, i think it’s hand warmer time, folks getting cold, not freezing, but it’s cold. All right! I’M going to open up one package here and i’m going to put these in with my toes, i’ve been resting, some it’s a little bit after 10 o’clock.

Now some of the wind gusts are really really powerful later on tonight. They’Re supposed to hit like 50 miles an hour when it comes to the hand warmers. If you have issues with circulation, be careful with these.

These will get hot enough to burn people who have issues with circulation for your average healthy adult. You can put these anywhere. You won’t have any sort of issues, so i’m going to take these i’m going to put them in the ends of my shoes.

Put my shoes back on, and these are going to keep my toes warm. The rest of my feet are just fine, but my toes are starting to get cold again. It goes back to being prepared two packages of hand. Warmers can go a long way in terms of survival.

So my friends, it’s snowing. It’S not heavy, but hey. Snow is snow. This is the first bit of snow that i’ve seen this year this winter season. I guess i should say everything is going good. It’S about midnight.

The one thing i can’t say about this shelter, even though it has a lot of problems, and it’s not perfect, it is durable these materials here the winds are just beating this thing. I have no fear of this thing ripping or anything like that.

I am now back inside of the tent. Getting out is bad. It releases all the warm air, but it’s snowing. So you can’t blame me. I guess, okay, i think what i will do, i’m pretty cold at the moment, pretty chilly, i am going to heat water.

That’S what i’m going to do since i’m cold already, i’m going to get the stove i’ll hop outside of the tent and warm up some water. I will heat that up. I don’t know if i will be able to boil it. It’S extremely cold super windy out there.

Now i could take the stove and i could ignite it in here. There’S enough airflow here to be okay, but with the stove you have to worry about carbon monoxide. It almost sounds like it’s raining out there.

Oh no! It is sleet little balls of ice anyways. Carbon monoxide is known as the silent killer. It’S odorless, you can’t see it it’s tasteless, and that makes it incredibly dangerous and it’s one of those things where it doesn’t rise and it doesn’t fall.

It mixes in with the air and just stays there if you’re going to take the stove and fire it up inside of a shelter like this, you have to have tons and tons of ventilation. Otherwise you can die plain and simple.

I was just outside i’m already cold, i’m going to get the stove go out there and heat up this water as much as possible. If i was absolutely freezing, if it was run that stove or freeze to death, i would run that stove inside of this shelter.

I would get as much ventilation as possible. I would fire up that stove for a short period of time, inside of a small space like this, the stove would have a benefit. It would heat this up rather quickly.

Only in the most extreme situations would i do that so folks, if you’re ever out in a situation like this and it’s either run that stove or die run that stove. Otherwise, you have to be extremely careful by the way everyone, the time it’s about.

One o’clock and it’s cold and miserable in here all right, stove water cup, i’ll, be right back the water has been heated up. This is just about as hot as i can get it. To be honest, i’m lucky to have it that hot considering how windy it is outside.

Oh man, that is super warm the most important thing about doing this, make sure that lid’s on there so good that no water could come out. If you get wet, you could die. Oh man that feels good i’ve eaten i’ve done squats i’ll continue to do squats.

I still have a fig newton, which i will start eating here in a little bit. I have all my clothes on. I have hand warmers in my shoes at my toes, so my toes are nice and warm as it stands right now, i’m good temperature about 25 degrees, i’m tired! My knees hurt from being inside of this thing and from uh doing all the squats.

I laugh about it because it’s one of those things like what are you going to do right, some things you just have to laugh about and that’s how you make it through it when it comes to survival. Most of it is right here.

It’S all about your attitude and your thinking. You can be an amped up, angry son it’ll, just completely screw you try to focus, try to stay positive focus on what you need to do. Don’T think about it’s, not fair! That you’re out there or anything like that.

Life’S not fair, so suck it up. Nature doesn’t care if life is fair or not. Oh man, that is so incredibly warm, and that will stay warm for hours for hours. I mean that really feels amazing. So what a crazy adventure it is really coming down.

Folks, lots and lots of sleet drop me it’s cold. This uh water bottle is awesome so, ah good morning, everybody good morning. It is almost 7 a.m. I’Ve made it through the night. It is cold, it is 19.2 degrees outside i’ve.

Had the thermometer in here for about 30 minutes and it’s reading 31 degrees over 10 degree difference between in here and outside it says on here that it’s wet yeah yeah, no doubt about that, it’s wet all right.

There is moisture all over this thing. There’S ice and water everywhere, and that really is the problem with this type of shelter. Here i set this up as a shelter, but let’s say that you used this as a sack and you simply just pulled this over your body.

I mean the amount of moisture that would build up inside of it is ridiculous, really i mean just absolutely ridiculous. You can make this work for a short period of time, but not long duration, not at all.

All in all, i’m not very impressed with this. I have to say for 150 dollars, this makes no sense. This is a very poorly conceived product and i would not recommend it. Yes, we were able to survive the night, but you could easily use a tarp and achieve the exact same thing and it would be a much better shelter.

That’S for sure, i’d like to have coffee, but i don’t want to have to go back outside anymore fire up that stove. I have been basically running that stove all night long as soon as the water would cool down.

I would go back out heat it back up. I’M sure that can is just about empty anyways. Everything that you have seen me do all of the gear, the clothing it really has come together to make this possible.

It’S not just one thing that gets you through. The night it’s a combination of things, the variables can change just a little bit and you wouldn’t make it through the night something i was thinking about earlier when it comes to survival.

It’S not just the gear. It’S also what’s in here and what’s in here i mean determination, is worth a lot. Attitude is worth a lot being healthy is worth a lot. I’Ve been up all night long, i’ve been doing squats, i’ve been moving around i’ve been doing whatever i have to do to stay warm, and that is something that you have to be healthy to do so folks, take care of yourselves eat, good, move, your bodies, that’s What it’s all about? That’S what it’s all about.

Hopefully no one will ever be in this sort of situation, because this has not been fun. In truth, i’m quite miserable. It’S very cold sitting in this chair all night long. This confined space. It’S it’s not fun! This is not something that you want to do, but in a survival situation you can do it.

If the variables are correct. Folks, we have done it, we have done it. I i can’t wait to start hiking. I i am tired, i’m worn out, but i am ready to move just walking around. That is really going to warm me up.

Yeah, i’m looking forward to it because it is freezing in here literally, it is a beautiful day here in the mountains. It’S foggy icy. A little snowy and i mean that just a little snowy, it looks like last night.

We just got a dusting of snow, that’s pretty much it. It is definitely cold. Thanks to that wind and the humidity yeah we did it. This adventure is over. I’Ve shown you all how to make it through the night in a serious emergency situation.

We did it together if you like, this episode, make sure to hit the thumbs up and subscribe more content like this is coming up. I’M ready to begin hiking, i’m ready to warm up but um. Thank you all very much for joining me for this trip.

Hopefully you learned something. Hopefully you will never be in a situation like this until next time. Folks be well take care, strength and honor. Remember you have to adapt to survive. You have to adapt your gear to survive as well.


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