How to Really start a Fire with a LIGHTER #shorts

How to Really start a Fire with a LIGHTER #shorts

A Balance of Beauty and Function

The Krieghoff K 20 continues to get rave reviews for the balance of beauty and function it offers. On one hand, it is an elegant and classy looking product. Yet it is also functional so you count on it for hunting and for target shooting. Don’t worry, it isn’t bulky or heavy. In fact, everything about it is designed to fit the body well and to offer graceful movement as you swing it.

Whitetail Deer Hunting Tips Increase Your Hunting Success Rate

Game hunting, as a leisure activity, involves a lot of practice in strategizing. Seeking the elusive animals, including the favorite whitetail deer, is something that needs some study and skills.

5 Ways Hunting Is Actually Environmentally Friendly

Most people don’t think of hunting as being a particularly “green” sport. The killing of an animal seems to go against that intuition. But when properly regulated, hunters take relatively little from the land in comparison to what they give back to it, and the practice of hunting is much less damaging than commercial livestock farming. It may be surprising, but hunting can actually be an environmentally friendly activity.

The Importance of Camo Clothing in the Field

To insure success in the field, one key determining factor is your camo outerwear. Weather your hiking or hunting, in the mountains looking for elk or in the delta marsh scouting for ducks, The type of Camo Clothing you choose will be critical to you success.

What Camo to Wear When Heading Into the Field

Camo clothing is often designed from soft quite material that allows you access to the woods without creating a loud entry. This allows you to slip through the woods without being noticed as an outsider by the wildlife residents. Being stealth in the woods is key to being able to observe nature in its most relaxed state.

What to Look for in Quality Binoculars

When you are in need of a pair of binoculars that is going to withstand the harsh conditions of hunting you need to think Quality first. Next comes waterproof, fog proof, durable, yet light enough to pack all day. Light conditions and magnification needs also play a huge role in deciding on the perfect pair of binoculars. When looking for quality binoculars warranty policies are very important. We will give you a quick run down of all these areas so you can find a pair of binoculars to fit your specific needs.

7 Things That Make A Shotgun Easier To Shoot

Ever have a shotgun that you felt like you just couldn’t miss with and then you squeeze the trigger on one that looks really cool, but you can’t seem to hit the broad side of a barn? Here’s a few factors that make a shotgun easier to shoot.

9 Dove Hunting Tips

Dove hunting season is an exciting time of year. It kicks off the fall hunting season and can be a whole lot of fun as well as a chance to get tuned-up for fall and winter bird hunting.

7 Steps To Tuning Up Your Rifle For Hunting

I used to have some bad habits when it came to getting ready for hunting season. Like a lot of hunters I spent way more time worrying about my gear and accessories than getting my rifle ready. I’d go out the day before a hunt and fire off a couple of rounds downrange and call it good. Ready to go. Now I’m not saying this method doesn’t work, but it cost me a hell of a nice deer once, and that’s enough reason to figure out another system.

Deer Blinds – Back to Basics

Primarily, deer blind urinals are one of the best tools used by hunters. Actually, deer are timid by nature. They are capable of hearing slightest sounds. So, as a hunter, you should try your level best to remain as quiet as possible. On the market, you can find tons of deer blinds and they can be used for various purposes. Some are easy to make while others are difficult to make. Read on to find out about different types of blinds and the tips you need to know to make the best choice.

Parachute Squadron RAC Army Survival Kit

Hi my name is Bill Whitmore. I am an ex-army parachutist, Para sqn RAC we did some training with the SAS Special Air Service, in the desert and jungle, Middle East and Burma.

Spot and Stalk Mule Deer Hunting – The Funnest Way to Hunt Mule Deer

Here we discuss tactics for successful spot and stalk mule deer hunting. Every opportunity is different, but the premise is still the same – find a buck, develop a plan to get within range, execute the plan, harvest the mule deer. It doesn’t matter the weapon you use, these rules will apply. Of course there are many other factors to be considered, and in this article we will break spot and stalk mule deer hunting down step by step.

Hunting Binoculars: Using Optics to Maximize Your Hunting Success

Hunting binoculars can significantly increase your hunting success rates on mature game if used correctly. Here we discuss tips, tactics and the best way to use hunting binoculars to make you a better hunter.