Escape from Duct Tape: URBAN SURVIVAL

Escape from Duct Tape: URBAN SURVIVAL

Three Steps to Keeping Your Taxidermy Mounts Looking Fresh

There is nothing worse than walking into a trophy room and not being able to tell what color the taxidermy mounts should be. They have been neglected for years hung on the wall and forgotten covered by a layer of dust so thick you can’t recognize the original colors of such a majestic trophies.

Why Should You Go For Kimber?

Hunting is one of the most exciting hobbies in the world. And useful at the same time. It brings us back to our roots and instinct long forgotten in the modern world. Now that you got all your gear together, it is time to pick a rifle.

AR Upper Receiver

The AR 15 platform is one of the most flexible rifles every produced. Today, you can do anything from buying a complete AR 15, to build a custom rifle from your choice of thousands of parts.

Bow Hunting America’s Wiliest Game Bird

Many highly experienced bow hunters actually consider the challenge of taking a trophy buck to be second to that of taking a trophy Gobbler with a bow and arrow! Fortunately, thanks to tireless conservation efforts, the Wild Turkey is once again becoming a common inhabitant in many ecosystems across the U.S. and thus, those archers who feel that their skills are up to the challenge can now spend their Spring mornings hunting this frustratingly wily American game bird. However, while the general procedure for hunting turkeys with a bow is the same as it is for gun hunters, where the shotgunner ends his hunt at 40 yards, the archer’s hunt is just heating up! In fact, waiting for the bird to cross those last, few, crucial yards and move into the exact position you want him in while drawing your bow undetected and then making a clean shot is what bow hunting Wild Turkeys is all about!

How To Find The Best Binoculars For Hunting Game

You need binoculars if you desire to succeed with your hunting. This is because binoculars help you to focus on specific animals being targeted (game), helping you to not only focus, but also find the best shot that can deliver a much needed kill. However, with the sea of hunting binoculars on the market, many with outrageous, quoted capabilities, making the best choice can be a tricky affair. Here are some of the things you have to keep in mind when looking for the best hunting binoculars. Hunting Terrain Where you’ll be hunting plays a critical role on the type of binoculars you need. Some terrains may be unfriendly to regular binoculars hence produce measly results. You should consider choosing between binoculars that are specially designed for the terrain where you regularly hunt.

A Look At Some Useful Bow Hunting Rules

Bow hunting rules challenges an archer to bring out his best game and can add months to his or her hunting season. Below is a look at the rules of thumb that can help someone find the right bow for him or her, shoot with it excellently and get as many trophies as possible. These rules will offer a hunter enough information to make the upcoming hunting season the best ever.

Deer Scents and Decoys: Tricks of the Trade for Bow Hunters

When hunting with a rifle or even a handgun, hunters often have an extended range that far exceeds that of the average bow hunter. Consequently, bow hunters are often forced to pass on shots that would inevitably result in harvested game were they hunting with a firearm. Therefore, in order to increase the odds of convincing that trophy buck to saunter within bow range, bow hunters often need to go the extra mile. For instance, stand placement must be adjacent to a frequently used trail and provide plenty of cover for the hunter so that a slight movement will not spook the animal. Also, the hunter must be able to enter and exit the stand quietly, etc. However, even such precautions are not enough to ensure success and thus, a bow hunter should be prepared to employ any additional trick that will increase the odds of a trophy buck approaching his stand such using combining deer scents and decoys.

Swarovski Optik EL Swarovision Binoculars-What Is Different About Them?

The articles discusses about the differences of Swarovski Optik EL Swarovision Binoculars. Know the mechanism and functionality of this hunting goods.

Red Dot And Holographic Sights – Some Interesting Facts

The holographic sights function by using the hologram technology packed in a durable construct design. They are perfect for use in extreme conditions. The red dot sights use the LED technology to create the reticle.

Spotting Scopes for Nature Watching or Hunting

It does not matter if you are a hunter, outdoor enthusiast, or nature watcher. What matters is being able to see and identify exactly what you are looking at or looking for. For hunters having the correct hunting equipment can mean the difference between getting the prize and missing the prize. When out looking at nature whether it is on a safari, in the forest, or nature reserve you are there to observe different species. Having a spotting scope will help to magnify what you are looking at so you can take in all its beauty. This piece of equipment is gaining popularity fast amongst hunters and nature watchers because they are both powerful and compact.

Target Practice Spotting Scopes

Using a spotting scope for target practice is becoming very popular but you must have a premium scope for this sport. If you do not, it can compromise with the quality, which in turn will lead to compromising your accuracy at hitting the target. For effective target shooting, you should need to keep in mind the environmental conditions in which you are target shooting. This includes the humidity, heat, dirt, heat mirages, haze, and dust, which can affect the quality performance of your spotting scope.

Kimber Mountain Ascent Skips The Weight

Imagine a standard bolt action rifle with .30 caliber weighing less than 6 pounds! It was highly improbable to imagine carrying such a gun unless Kimber Mountain Ascent happened.The out of the box stock will surely catch your attention.

Choosing the Perfect Weapon for Your Hunting Spree

When you are buying something for the first time, you can get a little lost on what can be the best purchase. If that ��something’ turns out to be a hunting rifle, then it can surely get very overwhelming. The options are many, but the zeroing down to the perfect one can be quite a task.